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2-20-2010 After two weekends of Crappie Bluegill and Perch which has been perty good for us using small jigs tipped with eurolarve never knowing what might bite. So last weekend with the wind blowing so hard we tried a Pike trip it took a few holes to find them in fifteen feet of water where there was lots of small Perch around we used airplane jigs tiped with a minnow.
After getting lots of phone calls about whats happening with Bowstring I took a run up there last night to check it out the north east landing it was in good shape and theres pickup ruts going to the comunity holes if you got a big truck cross country travel is doable but bring a shovel i had to shovel once. It took me a while to find good fish it apears there is a lot of feed in the lake because many of the holes around rock piles had two feet of small minnows and Perch so I headed for the deep breaks and run in to a mix of Tulipie Crappie Perch and Walleye. I got many small Crappie so the future looks good with about every fourth one a keeper with a Perch and Walleye throwed in to make it fun. Bill Powell - Fred's Bait

1/27/2010 Sunday Chester and I headed to a smaller lake to try for Crappie and after a couple small moves were able to find them on the edge of a deep hole.They were on the bite perty good with small spoons packed with Euro larvie we got our limit in a couple hours along with four big Tulipie that put up a good fight. I've been so busy with minnow trapping that I havent had a chance to get out on Big Winnie latley but heard some good reports this weekend that some of the humps are still really kicking out the Walleye in morning and evening and moving around during the day will get you a nice bunch of perch. Bill

1/14/10 Sunday Mary. Chester, Tonya Weidenborner and I headed to long point on Lake of the Woods I called ahead and rented a house so we went in comfert they had it set up in 26 feet of water. The fish seemed to come in flurries getting a few keepers every hour with a nice flurrie about dark of nice Walleye we ended the day with 11 Walleye in the bucket and 7 Sauger we also realesed a few smaller ones. Around Deer River the lakes are gettting very nice for travel with trucks and the nice weather is really bringing out the fisherman. Winnie has a good evening bite for Walleye out on the humps and the bay has been very good for Perch during the day. The Perch king stopped yesterday and said The Pines has a nice road out in the bay now he got his limit of 8 to 11 inch Perch in two hours in 14 feet of water sound like a tastey supper to me.

1/1/09 Sunday Chester,Brother Jerry,Dad and I took a run to Red Lake we went out of Morts Dock conditions were very nice for lighter pickups 14 inches of ice I was surprised we drove off the road with ease. We were told the fish were biting in 10 feet of water so thats where we started but after a couple hours and no fish Jerry and I went on a scouting run and found a bite in 14 feet of water went back and packed gear up and moved ended our day up with. Jerry 4 keeper Walleye and a small pike Chester 4 keeper Walleye 2 to in the slot and a small Pike, Dad 0 poor dad, I got 3 keeper Walleye and 3 in the slot. Tuesday Chester and I went to Winnie on Bowens flat fishing was a little slow saw a couple Pike 2 Walleye and caught a few Perch, after Ron and Stan going out and sacking there limit in a couple hours I"m feeling a little unlucky.

12-23-09 Sunday Chester went out on Bowens flat and set up the portable so he could spear and angle "I had to work in the morning" then stared texing me pictures of fish he was getting. I joined him later and we had a fun day getting a nice mess of Perch and Pike we also saw a couple very nice sized pike probably pushing 10 lds . The girls came home for Cristmas and asked if I could take them fishing so Tuesday we went back to Bowens the fishing was a little slower than it has been but everyone caught a lot of fish the size was just not as good, Dad said he caught a little over 100 but found 18 that were big enough to keep. There a a few pickups going out a ways I messured 12 inches of ice in 10 feet of water.

12-17-09 I was able to sneak out to Winnie for a couple hours yesterday afternoon went to Bowens Flat went out about a mile not quite to the channel had 8 to ten inches of ice where I was, Ive never had to good of luck fishing Perch just before dark but was happy with the results seemed to be lots of action and was able to get nice meal of fish for supper. The fishermen that are going out to the humps on Winnie are doing good on Walleye in the evening with a few perch throwed in during the briter time of the day. Ive heard there are houses on the north shore of Bowstring I stoped by the south landing but didnt see much activity there. Bill Powell, Fred's Bait

12-11-09 With the cold weather all but a few of the deepest lake now are covered with ice but use caution and check as you go Ive heard lots of stories that once your past 13 feet of water ice thickness gets a lot thinner. Traffic through the door is incressing daily mostly guys putting out there spear houses but I look for more fisherman after Walleye and panfish this weekend. Bill Powell - Fred's Bait

I checked out a White Oak yesterday and its getting a good start on iceing over see where somebody threw a few rocks out there and they where still on the ice. Heard 3rd river was iced over so with cool temps in forcast it wont be long before we see a few spearers and tipup fishermen. - Bill

Tulibee Chester Powell
Bonus Tulibees put up a good fight and make tasty smoked fish.

Northern Pike Kenny 12-21-09
Northern Pike are moving on the shallow weed flats of Winnibigoshish.

Perch On Table
12-16-09 Just enough Perch for a nice meal.

Ice Conditions on Winnibigoshish 12-10-09