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From Bill Powell (Fred's Bait) 2-14-08 (Lake) Winnie seems to just keep kicking them out and with the good resort roads its been keeping us going back. Even though Bowstring is a half hour closer to home and I drive right by it on my way to Winnie this winter we set the permanent up on Winnie and have yet to come home without fish to eat. I can tell if the bite has been good or not when the kids keep wanting to go back I'm doing ok and so far if the winds not blowing to hard they have been keeping the fish house full on the weekends. I have also heard some good reports coming of the main lake humps with the early snow depths there is a lot of structure that has seen no pressure yet so when we get a little nice weather and mobility gets a little better I think we will hear of some really awesome fishing. Hope to see ya on the ice. Bill

From Bill Powell (Fred's Bait) 1-25-08

Finally caught a break in the weather to be able to slip out to the lakes and get a handle on what's happening and caught enough fish for supper.

Bowstring is now seeing some truck traffic but watch out for the drifts they will get you. I did not feel there was quite enough ice for the diesel there yet. But I had talked to John from The Pines Resort (Winnie) earlier in the week and he said the ice was good enough there so with limited amount of time and not wanting to drag a snowmobile along that's where I headed.

He's got some very nice roads and if you can find a place to get across the snow banks with a little care you can get around pretty good but are some good drifts there also.

It took a few holes and some moving around to find some fish that wanted to bite and not just look at my bait, when I found a spot there was constant action. I had to sort through a lot of little Perch to get some nicer ones and got one nice Walleye for the pan as well. If all those seven inch Perch make it to ten we will have some awesome fishing in years to come.

With some nice weather in the forecast I'm hoping I'll be able to get out and roam around a little more cause them fish sure tasted good. Hope to see ya on the ice. - Bill

From Dave D. 1-3-08

    Big Winnie is still producing walleyes on the mid lake humps. The Ice conditions are improving every day now. Two weeks ago Saturday we found 10 1/2 inches of clear ice out in the middle of the lake. yesterday, 12-31-07 we found a solid 13 inches, in the same location. The resorts are making roads to the usual hotspots.
    Denny's on the south side has a road out though I'm not sure how far. Highbanks resort has a road out to 2 1/2 miles and they are pushing north and south as well. there is a lot of good structure accessable now.
    Travel onto the main unplowed lake is still doable with snowmobiles and I still see some atv's out there but the couple who went out with me last night had a hell of a time trying to pull their eskimo sled. I ended up pulling it for them with my snowmobile.
    The perch action was fair to good in 24 feet of water, but I think if I was to be targeting them I would be looking in the same area, only a little bit deeper.
after 4:00 the walleyes started with fish marked frequently some lookers, some takers. jigs didn't seem to matter as we used anything from green glow gemineyes to red glow demons and rainbow forage minnows. shiners and chubs worked well a foot to eighteen inches off of bottom.
    The walleyes bit until we had to leave at 7:00. they showed no signs of slowing down. good luck, be safe! Dave D.

From Bill Powell (Fred's Bait) 12-25-07

First of all I'd like to thank the Deer River School and the Teachers for giving their students the option to experience the outdoors and what the area has to offer " and let me tag along". I was kind of worried as we headed to Lake Winnie what we might encounter as far as snow and slush conditions but mother nature couldnít have been much kinder with 12 inches of good clear ice on Bowens Flat and no slush and 30 degrees things donít get much better. I believe everyone caught some fish in the short time that was given and with the many prizes and the nice cookout I sure wish I would have been given that chouse when I was in school.
The lakes in the area are shaping up nicely for those wanting to get out for the holiday season and those venturing out have been reporting very good success locally its still ATVís and snowmobiles but Red Lake and Lake of The Woods are now letting out Pickups. With most of the slush spots freezing up I hope to get the kids out a few times over Christmas vacation and get a good report what is going on in the area.
We would like to say thanks to the others that have sent in reports and hope to see allot more as the ice-fishing season gets up a head of steam.
I hope everyone has a good Christmas and hope to see ya on the ice Bill

From Doran D. 12-12-07
Fished Moose Lake next to Deer this week. 6" ice with 3" water/slush on top 100' out from shore as of 12/11/2007. Noticed snowmobiles over entire lake, think they are a little crazy. Thought the cold would make for better ice but the snow must make a great insulation. Fish were very sluggish 12/10 caught 2 walleyes in the slot and 1 34" Musky on small gold spoons. Perch reacted better to drop shot rigs, a lot of small ones for 2,10". Change of light bite was better in morning than evening, probable due to Muskies about. Thanks for the forum Fred's bait shop. Miss the pic of the ice over like last year. See Yah all soon for bait.

From Bill Powell 3/9/08 Will it ever warm up seems to be the big question everyone is asking even before they ask if the fish are biting. I'm sure all the resort owners are asking if the wind will ever stop be sure you tell them thanks next time you see them on the lake there job has been non stop this winter.

Bluegill Bill Powell March 2008

We took advantage of the two nice days we had last week one to chase Perch and one for Blue Gills. As far as Perch fishing goes for us this winter I'm not sure if I can say if shallow water or deep is better we just sort through a lot of small fish in the shallower water to get a mess of eaters. It seems to take about the same amount of time in the deeper water just not as many seven and eight inchers to turn back to get some nice ones. Hopefully the nice weather forecasted for next week will drop the snow a little its tough right now to get off the road very far with a pickup.

 Sunday the wind was blowing hard so we decided to try a small lake for Bluegills we started in deep water 45 feet and punched lots of holes but ended up after many many hole finding them in water under 20 feet in front of a bay on the north side of the lake. I'm not sure if that's were they'll stay but I know that's where they are as soon as there's open water.
 I think this is one of my most successful ice fishing seasons I've had in quite a few years as far as how many fish we get per outing. many might think I'm telling a fish story because the fishing has been kinda slow for a lot of guys this year. But most of our success this year is credited to My son this year I've turned him loose with the auger I usually wear out at around the fifth hole when the ice gets this thick but he's not even warmed up good yet and will not quit till we start catching something.
Hope to see ya on the ice. Bill

Ice Fishing 2-14-08 Perch Becky & Chester Powell

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