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7/22/09 The weater still is having trouble staying clear for more than about a day or two and is making the fishing slow down. The local fishing has been slow with no hot bites. The fish that are being caught are on the usual lindy rig with a leech or crawler. Several guys are minnows along with them. Everyday seems like a toss up between what to use and where the fish are going to be.
The panfish fishing is slow but if you get a nice day you should not have any trouble getting enought fish for a meal. The bluegills are up in the shallow weeds and the crappies are there to in the evenings. A small jig with a worn or leech is still the bait of choice with most guys bringing crappie minnows with them just in case they find a mess of crappies.
Northern and Muskie fishing has been slow around here. They are catching a few pike along with the walleys. I havent heard any reports of any muskies being caught, but the weed beds and rock points with the typical muskie baits is your best bet to find one.
Bill and I spent a week up on lake of the Woods during the last week in June. We had a great trip it's a trip the Powell boys have been going up their for nine years and this year was the best year have ever had for Northern and Muskie fishing. Bill had a great fathers day for Northern Pike with a 39",38",37"36", and well you get the picture all the way down to 30" and several in that area. He also had a 41" muskie that day. That was the best day of Northern fishing but their were many more caught through out the week including a 41" Pike. The muskie fishing got better as the week progressed with 2 more over 40" and my uncle Rob with a monster 50" muskie. Bill and I did not do much fishing for walleyes or smallmouth bass but we caught several up along the shallows with muskie baits. The top bait of the trip for us was a Strike King Shadlicious swimbait strung onto one of Jeff Sundins new barbarian hooked jigheads. This bait was really something else when it came to all species of fish. Our goal for the trip was to catch all the main species of fish on these baits and it was easily accomplished by the 3rd day of the trip. We actually had to have several more packages mailed up to us... twice! In the end we had a great trip and are planning to have many more for the years to come. Hope to see you on the water - Chester Powell, Fred's Bait - Deer River, MN

6/13/09 The weather is starting to improve with a few nice sunny days warming the water up. The walleye fishing is still going strong. The biggest problem that most people have been having is getting large numbers of keeper fish. They are not having much trouble catching big fish over most of our slots. The fish have started moving out to the humps and most guys are bringing leeches along with their minnows. Most of the keeper size fish are being caught along the shorlines with jigs and minnows, while the big fish are being caught on the humps with either leeches or crawlers.
The panfish bite has its days but if a person works at it they can usually get plenty of fish for a meal and some to spare. The bluegills and crappies are still shallow in the weeds. The bait of choice is little leeches or crawlers and a small jig either 1/16 or 1/32. A lot of guys are also taking small crappie minnows for crappies. The bass fishing has slowed down with few being caught. The good bass fishing will come with warmer weather.
Muskie fishing has been open with a week now with some decient reports coming in. There has been several fish seen and a fair number of them caught. From what I have heard the bait to use is a jerkbait in the weeds. If you can find a cabbage bed and if you fish it hard you should be able to get at least a follow. Northern pike fishing is picking up with several guys taking big sucker minnows and big bobbers with good success. I havent heard of any monster pike caught but the ones being caught are decient. Chester Powell, Fred's Bait

6-5-09 The local fishing has been up but the weather has been down. If the weather cooperates they have been catching fish on winnie. Three sisters and stony point have been the producing spots on Winnie. The majority of the fish are being caught along the shoreline breaks and shallow points. The main bite is still on a jig and a shiner but there have been a few people starting to use leeches and crawlers with limited success.
The panfish are starting to go up shallow if you get a nice sunny day you should be able to pull out some bluegills and crappies out of about 2 feet of water. Most guys have been taking either small leeches and crawlers or small curly tails like mister twisters and gulp on 1/16oz. to 1/32oz. jig head. There have been a few bass fisherman out but with most coming back with decient success. The smallmouth and largemouth have both been reported being up shallow.
The muskie fisherman are excited for this weekends muskie opener. There have been reports of sightings of fish from a few bass fisherman. It will be interesting to see how the kicks off with this cold weather but if the fisherman keep at it they should have some success. There has not been very many northern pike fisherman but the ones that are being caught are right along with the walleyes. Hope to see you out there! - Chester Powell, Fred's Bait

5-30-09 Sorry so late at getting a report put together its been a little wild around here but thats good thanks and good luck to everyone. The season started out with what seemed like everyone getting fish to having to work and scratch around getting a few hear and there but still good fishing. I think there will be a really hot bite later this week with some stable weather in the forcast the Shinners should make a spawning run to the shallows and as you no the fish will fallow. Only a couple good Bass reports and them were from very small dark stained waters but with the warmer weather in the forcast that should improve as well. Bill Powell - Fred's Bait

Walleye Peggy Morgan May 2009